Private day tours from Podgorica. Montenegro day trips.
One-day tours

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clock   6 hours  euro From 100 

Do you want to see panoramic views of one of the most beautiful bays in Europe by sailing? You are in the right place! The sailing tour is taken in the historic towns of Kotor, whose palaces were built in an old Venetian style. Also, you will be able to take breathtaking sights of mountains over the UNESCO-listed bay of Kotor.

clock   4 hours  euro From 40 

Regardless that this is the shortest tour we offer from Kotor town/port, you will have the opportunity to enjoy in the most beautiful and most recognizable parts of our coast in just 4 hours.

clock   6 hours  euro From 37 

This tour includes a scenic drive over Budva Riviera, photo stop above Saint Stephan island, visit Budva old town, then drive through the Budva Riviera to Kotor with a photo stop above one of the most popular beaches in Montenegro and visiting Kotor old town. Interesting towns, that could be added to this tour, for the better experience of our country would be Rijeka Crnojevica, Virpazar or Cetinje.

clock   2 hours  euro From 11 

When it comes to towns and places that you can come and visit in Montenegro almost everybody will recommend Kotor Old town, the Boka Bay, the spectacular mountains to the north… and almost no one will recommend Podgorica. This little capital has a history as long as the country itself.

clock   9 hours  euro From 48 

Montenegro is maybe small but definitely has a lot to offer. But if you are unfortunately limited to only one day in this beautiful country than we suggest you book our Great Montenegro tour that will give you the opportunity to visit the best points within such a short period of time.

clock   7 hours  euro From 50 

Montenegro may be a small country but it offers some spectacular landscapes: mountains, lakes, national parks… Skadar Lake is the largest lake in south-eastern Europe, a natural border between Montenegro and Albania and a word recognize bird reservations with the great white pelican being its rarest but most beautiful resident.

clock  All day tour   euro From 50 

This is one of the most attractive rivers for rafting in the world. The river is 146 km long but with 1330 meters deep it is the deepest canyon in Europe. Most of the river, including the 79 km of its canyon is under the protection of UNESCO.

Because of its clearness, Tara is known as “tears of Europe” so, with a reason, Montenegrins are proud of the river as one of the most recognizable symbols of our beautiful country.

Ostrgo monastery Niagara waterfalls day tour from Podgorica
clock    5 hours   euro From 35 

We start this tour by visiting the most famous waterfalls near the capital, Niagara waterfalls. The place is a beautiful oasis of peace and rests for the eyes and mind for every visitor.

On the way to the waterfalls, you will be able to see the Cijevna River Canyon which was the border belt between Montenegro and the Ottoman Empire until 1912. These years, along with the canyon, is one of the most beautiful vineyards in Europe.

clock   5 hours   euro From 40 

This tour is the great choice for all who want to feel real Montenegro and find out more about the locals, typical Montenegrins and taste some traditional products as well as enjoy nature.

Old Royal Capital of Montenegro, Cetinje was founded back in the 15th century, by the ruler Ivan Crnojević. The town was named after a river Cetina which used to run through the field where the settlement was built.

durmitor tour
clock   8 hours  euro From 45 

This day tour is real contact with wild beautiful nature of Montenegro. The canyons are astonishment of this trip. This day tour is an opportunity to feel the real wild beauty of Montenegro.

clock   6-7 hours  euro From 37 

Relaxing tour around the capital of Montenegro. This tour is a great choice to visit the two most attractive places in Montenegro in just a couple of hours.